Less Talk More Poop

We know what is right

Hey you what does the fox say

One heart at a time

Lift someone up everyday

I am you and you are me

I do remember that boy

– James

Many years ago, on a family road trip, can’t remember our destination, we had to make the normal rest stop. For those with small children, or remember when you had small children, you know the drill. You see the rest stop marker two miles away and you ask, does anyone need to go to the bathroom? The answer is usually no or are we there yet… You pass the rest area and, not even one mile down the road, you hear, Daddy I need to pee or Daddy I need to poop. Well, you’re now focused on finding the next rest stop and trying to keep everyone calm at the same time. No time to panic, right, your Dad dammit!

Well you ultimately find a place to stop and you figure crisis averted. Or so you think… So, with a daughter under four you must bring her into the men’s room with you, right? She can’t go into the women’s room alone. Heaven forbid there’s some monster in there waiting for her. Anyway, we’re in a big stall together and my daughter is sitting, and sitting, and sitting. So, I do what any caring Dad would do I ask, honey is every thing ok? Maybe I asked more than twice, since we were on the clock. I’ll never forget her response. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and she said, Dad, less talk, more poop. Well shut my mouth, I was stunned, and didn’t say a word until after the mission was accomplished.

You know it’s funny, my daughter doesn’t remember that exchange at all, but I do. It’s been sort of a living-life mantra for me these many years later. Less Talk, More Poop has been my reminder that words and talk are not always the answer to every challenge or situation you face. Sometimes you just need to listen. Sometimes you need to take action. Sometimes you just need to be there. Maybe a Less Talk, More Poop problem solving approach is what we need right now…  

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