Birthday Boy

May God lead you

   into another year

       filled with his good gifts

          abundant blessings,

              and faithful love


My phone just pinged, startled me a bit, its 1:10 in the morning! My best friend, my brother from another mother, just sent me a text. It read, “Happy birthday you’re 65!”. I smiled, not because its true, but because it was one of those TAG YOUR IT moments between two brothers who have known each other for almost sixty years. A comeback was required, but not now, time to get back to sleep…

Typical Sunday morning wake, downstairs at 6:00, putting on the coffee. My dog Ginger is following closely by my heels and knows our dance so well. I put out her food and a fresh bowl of water and she predictably nudges me out of the way without even a thank you. Its ok, I am just so thankful for her presence. I pour a cup of coffee, take a few sips and begin to feel the sun rise inside my soul. I open the back door and Ginger and I go outside so she can do her business. We’re following the script to a tee. But today, from the corner of our backyard, she gives me this look, as if to say, “happy birthday big guy”. At least that’s how it looks to me. I send her a warm smile, look deeply into her big beautiful brown eyes, bend over and motion her to come. She runs over, tongue wagging, and I give her a good brisk rubbing. I look into her eyes and say, “thank you sweetie, I guess this is a big fucking day”.

My heart is full of gratitude this morning as I write this post. Thankful to be alive and so looking forward to the journey ahead and reconnecting with that little boy from New York…


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