I decided to start my blog in June 2020, one month shy of my 65th birthday. Like many, I am searching to make sense of it all with today's challenging realities. Searching for a better sense of Self. Searching to connect and learn from others. Searching with how I can make a difference. Imagine if we lifted someone up everyday...

Black lives do matter You answer all lives matter Time to get past words Fear and hate are in the way Ancestors can enlighten Quiet the mind and listen – James Black lives matter, no all lives matter. Confederate statues are symbols of oppression and hate, no they represent history and should be preserved. Shot […]

Good morning my friend Turn off your mind and listen Heart and breath the lead There is no script to follow Accept all reject nothing Stillness will be your reward – James I normally start each day with my bathroom ritual, morning coffee, and 20-minute meditation. This is then followed by a trip to the […]

So what just happened Need time to figure it out But I have been good True to yourself you have not Who am I and where am I Your heart will not lie to you – James I started the new year, 2020, unemployed. That January I was already three months into my job search, […]

Here we are Jonas Never met, they say its so Where is my comfort To the bottle, here we go Never mind what damage done For now, peaceful thoughts will wait – James Thorald Dominic Jonas was the only grandparent I never met, never knew. Although I always felt a deep connection with him. He […]

My paternal great grandfather was James McFarlane. There is not a lot known about him, how he lived, or where and when he died. My grandfather said he “followed the line”. He was a railroad man and helped build the railroad lines across Jamaica in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. My blog is […]