Man, that was some dream. I’m walking down the street with my Uncle Fred. As we passed by a newspaper stand, I could see the year was 1921. A newspaper headline read Yankees Win World Series! I could tell it was night in the city, but there was so much life. Hustle and bustle everywhere. […]

I never knew my maternal grandfather, Therald Jonas. He died in 1949, well before my birth. He was an alcoholic and alcoholism led to his death. I have always felt a strange closeness to him. More than just blood or DNA, but a feeling he is trying to reach out to me. Perhaps it’s because […]

My great uncle Oliver was killed August 15, 1942, eight days shy of his 41st birthday. He was a merchant seaman during WW2 when his ship was torpedoed by a German U-Boat in the North Atlantic. His body was never recovered. He left behind a wife and twelve-year-old son. I have always felt his presence, […]

May God lead you    into another year        filled with his good gifts           abundant blessings,               and faithful love – Unknown My phone just pinged, startled me a bit, its 1:10 in the morning! My best friend, my brother from another mother, just sent me a text. It read, “Happy birthday you’re 65!”. […]

I know I can’t hug I can’t get to close to you But I need something Together we see this through Stay present and let it come Maybe you find what you need – James Softball in the summer, as American as hip hop, fake news, and apple pie, right? Well, maybe a slightly different […]

We know what is right Hey you what does the fox say One heart at a time Lift someone up everyday I am you and you are me I do remember that boy – James Many years ago, on a family road trip, can’t remember our destination, we had to make the normal rest stop. […]

Black lives do matter You answer all lives matter Time to get past words Fear and hate are in the way Ancestors can enlighten Quiet the mind and listen – James Black lives matter, no all lives matter. Confederate statues are symbols of oppression and hate, no they represent history and should be preserved. Shot […]

Good morning my friend Turn off your mind and listen Heart and breath the lead There is no script to follow Accept all reject nothing Stillness will be your reward – James I normally start each day with my bathroom ritual, morning coffee, and 20-minute meditation. This is then followed by a trip to the […]

So what just happened Need time to figure it out But I have been good True to yourself you have not Who am I and where am I Your heart will not lie to you – James I started the new year, 2020, unemployed. That January I was already three months into my job search, […]