Many years ago, on a family road trip, can’t remember our destination, we had to make the normal rest stop. For those with small children, or remember when you had small children, you know the drill. You see the rest stop marker two miles away and you ask, does anyone need to go to the […]

I normally start each day with my bathroom ritual, morning coffee, and 20-minute meditation. This is then followed by a trip to the gym. Thirty minutes on the elliptical while watching the news and sports mindlessly as time passed. Well that all got thrown out the window in April. How can I possibly get through […]

I started the new year, 2020, unemployed. That January I was already three months into my job search, feeling the stress for sure. I was also entering my 65th year on this planet. So, on top of trying to find my next gig I was also feeling that time was up and ageism was now […]