Thorald Jonas

My maternal grandfather Thorald Jonas was born about 1903 and died at the age of 46. They called him Jonas. The only grandparent that I never knew. A true mystery man, for now..

Here are a few stories…

Say My Name

I never knew my maternal grandfather, Therald Jonas. He died in 1949, well before my birth. He was an alcoholic and alcoholism led to his death. I have always felt a strange closeness to him. More than just blood or DNA, but a feeling he is trying to reach out to me. Perhaps it’s because […]


Here we are Jonas Never met, they say its so Where is my comfort To the bottle, here we go Never mind what damage done For now, peaceful thoughts will wait – James Thorald Dominic Jonas was the only grandparent I never met, never knew. Although I always felt a deep connection with him. He […]