Thorald Jonas

My maternal grandfather Thorald Jonas was born about 1903 and died at the age of 46. They called him Jonas. The only grandparent that I never knew. A true mystery man, for now..

Here are a few stories…

Say My Name

I never knew my maternal grandfather, Therald Jonas. He died in 1949, well before my birth. He was an alcoholic and alcoholism led to his death. I have always felt a strange closeness to him. More than just blood or DNA, but a feeling he is trying to reach out to me. Perhaps it’s because […]


Thorald Dominic Jonas was the only grandparent I never met, never knew. Although I always felt a deep connection with him. He was born in 1903 and died in 1949 at the age of 46, six years before I was born. He was my mother’s father but was absent much of her life. There is […]